What is UNSURE

Welcome to 'Unsure,' an immersive first-person Asymmetric Horror game that skillfully constructs a chilling atmosphere. In this intense experience, 4-6 survivors awaken in an ominous Asylum, each at their unique spawn points, facing a locked door that serves as both an entry point and a potential exit. The objective? Survivors must meticulously explore each room to find a key, unlocking one randomly chosen exit for their escape, sealing the Asylum forever.

The suspense deepens as players become the hunted, with cultists completing a summoning ritual, conjuring one of many possible killers. Time is of the essence as the killers must eliminate the survivors before they make their escape. However, a challenging twist awaits – among the keys discovered, one is ineffective, ensuring not all survivors can evade the impending threat.

Survivors enter a fierce competition, navigating a precarious balance between self-preservation and sabotaging others for valuable points. Strategies include seizing multiple keys, tripping fellow survivors, forcing them to drop items, or orchestrating their untimely demise. With no means to combat the relentless killers, survivors must rely on their senses and instincts to avoid capture and secure their escape, creating an adrenaline-fueled race for survival like no other.